Sunday, April 06, 2008

Things That Are Green, a list by McKenzie

(I found this list in McKenzie's room & published it with her permission, all misspellings & punctuation left in for your enjoyment!)

1. The color green.
2. A frog
3. Some trees.
4. Some snakes.
5. Boggers [I think we all know what that was supposed to be;-]
6 Slugs
7 traffic lights
8 Moldie bread
9 Paper
10 Turtles
11 seaweed
12 Money
13 gass [I think this was supposed to be grass]
14 poop
15 Brocolie
16 Asparigas
17 Brussel sprouts
18 green peppers
19 perrots
20 Houses
21 paint
22 cars
23 crayons
24 Throw up


shawnalyne said...

I'm green with envy because you have the cutest kids on God's green earth!

Anonymous said...

Jen Thanks for sharing your blog with me. It is awesome and I love the pictures. I will check back often as I really know the kids and I am interested in what they are doing and where they go.
Grandma Conni