Sunday, May 18, 2008

at the movies

...the absolute BEST part of seeing the movies with the 4th Grade class (continued from blog below) was watching little Rosa wait hand and foot on another student named Alyssa. Alyssa moves around in a motorized scooter and it was interesting watching the dynamics of how the children interacted with her. She's a solid part of the class, popular and has her share of friends.

However, on this field trip there was only ONE person that walked along side of Alyssa, made sure the door stayed open for her scooter, made sure she made it up the ramp to the special space left open for wheelchairs, sat alone with Alyssa when the other children in their excitement took two steps down to sit in a row that Alyssa couldn't possibly reach, and then proceeded to take initiative to occasionally kneel in front of Alyssa (so as not to block her from seeing the movie) to give her popcorn and hand her drink to her (as the drink holder was too low for Alyssa to reach from her scooter) and that person was Rosa.

Watching Rosa was like watching grace in motion. The other children were "kind" to Alyssa, but Rosa was serving, giving, watchful. I'm sure that Rosa herself didn't even know she stood out in the crowd with her humility. This is just how Rosa lives, it's in her nature, it's who she is and how she was raised. This is a demonstration of her beautiful, rich Mexican culture that she unknowingly shares with us.

(all the names in these two posts are made up)

Friday, May 16, 2008


I had the privilege of going along with my daughter's 4th grade class to the premier of the Prince Caspian - Narnia movie and it was so fun...of course I'll have to go again when I can focus a little more on the movie but those kids were so much fun to watch!

Oh the POWER they seemed to feel, walking up to the counter and actually getting to choose what they want -- like a small candy and small drink for about fifteen bucks! (okay, really it was $8 but it felt like $15!)

Then there was R. and T., obviously year-long buddies who had to go to the bathroom twice since the "small" drinks are about a gallon each.

At one point I enjoyed watching a little guy in the front row turn around during the movie and scan the crowd with the biggest smile on his face. His eyes were big, and he looked totally taken with it all. Obviously a future movie director!

Two of the girls in my group kept getting up and walking to the aisle then sitting back down -- I asked them what was going on and it turns out they were just throwing away their trash! They pick now to be meticulous?! Still, I admire their sense of duty.

And then the classic kid-movie moment: The kids were totally grossed out when there was a very small kissing scene. "Gross!" "Sick!" "Yuck!" Their judgements were clear and quick. The adults not with the school group laughed.

...poor adults not with the school group...hope you saw more of the film than I did!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers are...

In our "Club 56" class (5th & 6th graders) at church Saturday night, we played a game to see which group of kids could list the most things about Moms in a couple minutes. The following lists are what they came up with:

loving; fashionable; nice; bossy; caring; grumpy; helpful; needs coffee; smart; loves chocolate; kind; comforting; good cook; loyal; carefree; fun; beautiful; awesome; spectacular; funny; entertaining; creative; compassionate; Driver; Friend; understanding; merciful; stupid; cooking; giving; lovable; house cleaner; crazy; weird; First Aid

(published with their permission)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

around the table

My sister hosted a brunch in for my Mom on Mother's day. It was so fun getting our family together with the kids and even a new grandchild!

Us "older" ones seemed to prefer a table to sit at to eat, and at one point we laughingly realized it was the same table and the same group of us (Mom, Dad, my sisters and I) eating together! For a tiny moment it was a throw back to about 25 years ago...and it was good!

Friday, May 09, 2008

my hero

I want to brag about Super Dave again! When we were flying home from the East Coast there was a Soldier at the airport ticket counter in front of us. It turns out the young man's bags were so many pounds over the limit, and the person behind the counter "helping" him wasn't, um, very helpful. We were doing what any travelers in line would do at this point (eavesdropping!) and it turns out the Soldier was going to have to make other arrangements and fly out the next day -- cutting his 21 days leave down to 20 with his family. And so Dave, my hero, walked over and paid the fee. Super Dave!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cinco de Mayo in Portland, OR

To say we enjoyed the Cinco de Mayo celebration would be an understatement! We had the best time as a family, and with our friends the Popescu's -- what a day! We all had our favorite parts:

For me the dancing from Guadalajara where I lived and studied!
For Dave it was the tacos and pepper-covered mango!
For the kids it was the rides!
For all of us it was spending time with good friends.
For all of us it was being in the sun. Finally!
For all of us it was enjoying the Mexican people we have come to know and love!