Tuesday, April 07, 2009

this old house

Okay, clearly our house is doing better than this one! But my goodness, what a season! Lately we've been hit with a "one-two" punch of repairs -- I know it's part of life but, "Come on!" (If you've ever watched A.D., you'll know the tone used:-)

Let's see...the roof, the dryer, the washer, the TV, the clutch in Dave's care, the bathroom fan, the electrical wiring...you get the idea!

Dave had a good insight on all this though, he said it's because this is the longest we've ever lived in one place. Now that idea I like, it's kind of like saying we're experiencing some stability! Dave got to live in his childhood home until college, and I always thought that was so lucky! I wonder if his parents ever felt this way?!