Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life is a Puzzle!

Life can be like a sliding puzzle!  You have so much to do (many "first-world" problems to tackle!) and so little time to do it.  We had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday, fun with family then lots of visiting and a movie...then somehow we got the notion to get a new mattress.  Sound simple?  NOT! This began the big ripple effect of life!  Here's how:

We needed a new mattress
Somehow this morphed into new bedroom furniture also (a very good thing)
This resulted in two IKEA trips -- one on Black Friday (which is against our religion)
McKenzie would get our bedroom furniture
T.Michael would get McKenzie's bedroom furniture
T.Michael's furniture would end up at the Pine's home, since they're hosting Australian basketball players  and need an extra bed
All this resulted in finding dust-balls the size of our cats
This was not quite enough chaos so the kitchen sink decided to leak (trying not to take it personally)
On the way to run an errand the battery in the van was dead (I'm not making this up)
I decided to take Dave's car instead, and a headlight was out
Upon returning, I realized the street light and McKenzie's bedroom lights had all burned out
...All because we "needed" a new mattress!  Life can be so fun!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bouncing Balls

Whether you call it spinning plates or bouncing balls, I find I can't do too many at one time!  It seems I can bounce a few balls real high, but I never seem to keep many going very high for very long...What am I talking about?  Life!  We just got through Football, now we're heading into Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mexico for Spring break.  I love this season of life, I just feel like:
Try as I like, I can't many balls very high at the same time!!