Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Here's a photo of Dave in Vernonia during some better days for that community. We were there for a good friend's 50th wedding anniversary held at the Vernonia Community Church.

Just last week Dave organized a work crew and the kids and I were in the same town, in front of that same church scooping mud and cleaning was a privilege to serve Jesus and Vernonia together with my family.

But the whole thing came about when it did because of Dave's initiative to pull together the "fastest service/mission trip ever!" That, and many volunteers willing to drop everything, get muddy, and work very hard!

I love Dave!
What a gift his is to me,our family and our big church family too!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

it IS my job!

Tomorrow my kids and I are joining the team Dave is heading up to go scoop mud out of people's homes in Vernonia. Yes, it's the busiest time of year...yes my kids should be in school, yes there are a number of reasons why it's not my job...

But Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. And if myself was living in a cold house that had just been flooded so I couldn't even turn the furnace on to keep my kids warm, well, I would hope someone would come help -- and soon!

Sound like fun? Come join us tomorrow! Just email Dave at:

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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Hoy sounds like "oy" because you don't say the "h" and it means "today" in Spanish. Today, there is talk of snow. Today McKenzie has plans to go to "high tea" with friends. Today DJ plans to paint her science project. Today T.Michael will be some kind of super-hero -- I guarantee it! Today Dave has a couple meetings planned at the church...But the absolute coolest thing happening today is that I get to use my Spanish!

Our church is hosting a toy and coat drive, and I've been asked to interpret for the families that don't speak English. What an honor! Because of where we live I get to use Spanish a lot. But this is different.

Hoy is a chance to warmly greet someone in their native tongue. Hoy is a chance to look at someone in the eye, and smile. Hoy is the opportunity to extend honor, dignity and friendship to people who might otherwise be hesitant to walk through our doors. Hoy is the day that someone might step a little closer to Him because of I said, what an honor!