Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Relay for Life

Our family just returned from our annual Relay for Life 24 hour walk at a high school in Washington -- it was a great time for us to rally around our own survivor: My Mom! She's cancer-free for 9 years now! Mom likes dragon flies, so they are our team mascot, and our team name is Wings of Hope. It was a great walk, so many people with booths around the track to raise money -- very creative fund-raisers like bean-bag toss, bounce-house for kids, and at our site we gave people temporary tattoos. I'm proud of our family and friends, all together at our site we raised about $1000 to help with cancer research. It was a lot of fun with a purpose!

Monday, July 02, 2007

RE: music on the island (6/24)

Wow, I'm really humbled by your responses. You are much nobler than I, but since this is a truthful blog, I have to admit I would choose Elton John. It's not that I endorse his thoughts or choices, but almost every one of his songs can strike up a life-memory of one time or another...and Crocodile Rock, well...it rocks!