Sunday, September 22, 2013


Whoever would have thought Horseshoes could be useful to minister to people and share Jesus with them?!  My family and I were part of a mission trip to Italy recently and T.Michael & I were assigned to "Western Games" which for us meant none other than horseshoes!
Yee Haw!
There were two Italian churches putting on the western-themed Festival, and our little family was part of a team of Americans sent to serve, encourage and support the Italians as they reached out to their community. There were all kinds of free entertainment at the festival: Crazy Dress-Up Photo Booths; American Cooking Booth; "Teenager Girl" Make-up & Nails Booth; Crafts; Health & Blood Pressure; Speak English; Line-Dancing, etc, etc.

We had some regulars who came to Horseshoes each night, and T.Michael & I used our very broken Italian to be kind and loving to those who came our way.  One night Cindy from the English-speaking booth said a young Italian man  asked her where she was from and she replied, "Portland."  Then he said, "Just like Jennifer!" Wow!  I couldn't believe that my little 'small talk' was really getting through to my new friends!

It was so affirming to know that even though I couldn't "witness" to them, I was a witness just by being available and consistent.  Then, at the end of each evening there was live music followed by a great speaker who DID share Jesus with people clearly and in their own language.  What a privilege to serve with my family in Italy!