Thursday, October 16, 2008

fire drills

I failed "Fire Drill" as an Educational Assistant today...the special person I was in charge of, um, wouldn't leave the building! Yikes! What a day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Story by T.Michael

One day things atackt the world.
The things that "atackt" include:giant ant, man-eating crocodile, evil angel, man-eating ant-eater, & acid-poop producing baby! (Just when you thought it was safe!)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


There's a big airplane bringin' home my man today! Dave returns from a conference in Atlanta and we are eager to see him!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

family in ministry

When Dave became a Pastor, we became a family in ministry. And as Mom in this family, one of the most challenging goals I strive for is to make and keep our home a refuge. That means I'm careful how I talk about church, how I react to Dave's long hours (how else is he to work with the volunteers who come in after their own long day's work?), and how much expectation I put on these awesome children of mine.

Well last Thursday the kids really wowed me! It was one of those days when the "shoulds" dramatically outweighed the "want to's." In addition to the every-day life things we needed to do, Dave was working late at worship rehearsal, we had a friend to go see in the hospital, and then a missionary from Africa to visit who would only be available that very night to was a lot to ask of little kids who had already done great at their own job (school).

So what "wowed" me? After we visited our friend in the hospital we ran into a family waiting for their Dad to get out of surgery. We all recognized each other as they used to attend our church. As we were leaving I offered to pray with them and I was so glad they accepted. As we circled around and held hands to pray, my children stepped up and joined hands with them also, and we all prayed together.

When we got into the van I thanked the kids for their patience, and for the care they showed the family we ran into in the waiting room. "No need to thank us Mom," McKenzie replied, "It's what we do!"

It's an honor to be a family in ministry.