Monday, July 03, 2006

See God?

You know when you see something really cool, or realize something incredible and under your breath you say, “Ooooo.” Well, that’s what it feels like when we start to see the fingerprints of God in our lives.

I believe that God is real and alive. I believe He knows everything and can do anything. I believe that God made me, and you. I believe that the Bible is His Word, and it is True, and it is Powerful and alive too.

I believe that growing in our faith in God, means to see Him more. And to see Him more clearly. By that I mean that I believe as we get to know Him more, and we ask for His help, He answers our request by showing us Himself and what He is doing, and where He is doing it.

It’s like whale-watching in Depoe Bay. I hate binoculars because I have a hard time getting them to focus. People will shout out, “Look over there! Whales, in that direction!” So I pick up my binoculars and look, but all I see is sky or one wave but no whale. It’s very frustrating! Wouldn’t it be ridiculous for me to proclaim that whales don’t exist because I can’t see them…or that they are intentionally hiding from me? That is what so many people think about God.

But when I don’t give up, I learn to adjust the binoculars (sometimes only by a tiny bit) then finally I can see the whales off in the distance. It was so obvious, but I couldn’t see it before! Now I can watch those whales and see them clearly.

Learning to see God’s fingerprints in life is like learning to adjust our binoculars. In this case they’re spiritual binoculars. The good news is: God is not hiding from us! We have the Holy Spirit to help us, the Bible to guide us, and God Himself who wants us to see Him. We just need to look. And keep looking.

And when we start to see God for ourselves, we say under our breath, "Ooooo."